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3 Essential Tips to Buy the Right Lawn Mower

You can get the best price on a lawn mower if you buy it at the end of September. But you’ll also find discounts around Memorial Day in May and Father’s Day in June.

What else do you need to know about getting the right lawn mower for your home? Let’s go over two more tips now.

First, the size of your property and the amount of slope has the biggest impact on your purchase. A manual reel or an electric mower is economical for small, flat yards under ¼-acre. They only require blade sharpening to stay ready for use and they are extremely inexpensive to operate.

If you need to cut wet grass or tall weeds or bag leaves, consider a gas-powered push mower with a 150cc OHV engine or better. But remember you’ll need to perform regular maintenance like oil changes and filter replacement along with blade sharpening. Are you comfortable with that, or do you have a mechanic nearby?

When you have a ¼-acre or more with hilly terrain, we recommend a self-propelled mower. It’s worth the investment although it can cost more to maintain. Most self-propelled models offer both bagging and mulching and they make mowing fun.

For level yards over an acre, you can finish the mowing in record time with a zero turn radius mower. Yes, you’ll need room in a shed or garage to store it. But ZTRs are much more maneuverable than a riding mower.

On the other hand, a riding lawn mower or tractor is often versatile enough to double as a snowplow for the driveway. And it has the power you’ll need on bumpy ground with tall grass.

Finally, details matter a lot when you need to mow each week. For example, is it straightforward to charge the battery or manage the power cord for your mower? Does the handle adjust tall enough for you?  Take into account if the mower is easy for you to maintain and comfortable to use. Features like a washout port or a blade brake clutch can save you a lot of time and effort.