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About Our Working Classroom

At Patriot Farmers of America, we teach entrepreneurship and sustainability to veterans and proud Americans who are seeking a future in farming.  We offer hands-on training, practical career-building tools, and state-of-the-art technology in the very first Helical Outpost and Training Center. This hydroponic greenhouse is the first of its kind. Its solar power, water filtration and communications capabilities enable year-round production of produce to combat food insecurity all over the world. It was inspired and designed by combat veterans.

Farming 101: An Introduction to Agriculture and Entrepreneurship

WHAT: A class offered by Patriot Farmers of America in cooperation with the Virginia Cooperative Extension, running from once a month from January through May for the cost of $45.  

WHEN: January 25th from 6-8pm. Additional classes will be offered on Feb 22, March 22, April 26 and May 24.  

WHO: Taught by Corey Childs – VCE EXTENSION AGENT, ANR, P.D.7. 

WHERE: Patriot Farmers of America – 268 Hill & Dale Lane, Berryville, VA.

This course is designed to provide tools and a decision making “matrix” to help individuals, groups or others who may be exploring the idea of joining the farming profession make sound career and business choices. This course will offer hands-on training through a curriculum that investigates core areas of farm development, including: 

  • Introduction to Whole Farm Planning
  • Land Acquisition and land tenure
  • Business management and planning
  • Marketing
  • Sustainable farming practices

Finally, the course aims to connect participants with local resources that can help them get started. Although course is formatted as a general lecture, participants will be asked to complete self-assessments and participate in-group discussions. 

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