Patriot Farmers of America

is a nonprofit farm initiative established to teach entrepreneurship and sustainability to all proud Americans, including veterans and children, through sustainability and nutrition in agriculture.

America's food security and health depends on the evolving technologies in urban and organic practices to improve how we feed our nation.

Our mission is to deploy education and career opportunities in order to          teach, cultivate and grow the next generation of farmers and food purveyors, while providing underserved communities with healthy produce. 



Our 300-acre farm is the first site of a Helical Outpost, a revolutionary hydroponic greenhouse with water filtration, solar power, and communication capabilities. Our working classroom is equipped with the most advanced technology to prepare veterans for the future of farming.  

Through partnerships with Virginia Tech, the Virginia Cooperative Extension and the U.S. Small Business Administration, we share farming and nutrition expertise from renowned industry professionals. 

Together, we offer practical career-building tools to create viable business models for our students to take back to their communities as they transition to civilian life or begin a new career in agriculture.


Located just 1 hour from Washington, DC in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, our historic farm is often visited by government leaders, policymakers and entrepreneurs who are working toward similar goals. 

Our rolling pastures are rich in history. The first owner was Richard Henry Lee, a Virginia statesman best known for the motion in the second Continental Congress calling for the colonies’ independence from Great Britain. His famous resolution of 1776 led to the declaration of Independence, which he signed.  

Our fields were once surveyed by George Washington, and civil war battle was fought on fields between General Custer & Colonel Mosby in August of 1864. 

On this deeply historic land of America's past, our veterans cultivate a future for themselves, their families and their communities. 


We are growing more than vegetables.

We are growing careers.

We are growing attainable, replicable business models.

We are growing the next generation of farmers and leaders in the sustainable agriculture movement.

We are growing a future for all of our children.

We are growing healthy lives.